UPC is the certification mark of the International Association Plumbing and Mechanical Offcials (IAPMO). UPC certification is required for products such as faucets, metal hoses, valves, sanitary ware products and so on. UPC refers to uniform plumbing code, unified bathroom plumbing product standards, is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products into the U.S. market. And the addition of “c” refers to the Canadian market, cUPC is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products in the North American market, cUPC certified products are exported to the North American market of plumbing sanitary products.

It is the golden key for products to sell in the North American market! IAPMO is the abbreviation of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, its headquarters is located in California, USA, is a non-profit organization. Since its establishment in 1926, IAPMO has been engaged in the development of codes and standards for the safe use of the building drainage industry and building ventilation systems, as well as the testing and certification of related products. IAPMO R&T is an authority specializing in product certification in the United States.
The scope of its services is mainly for water supply and drainage fittings for engineering buildings, indoor ventilation equipment, kitchen equipment, bathroom sanitary ware and other products.
In addition to the UPC, ASME, ASSE, ASTM and other U.S. standards, the certification of these products can also be based on CSA standards for Canadian market demand. Obtaining certification from IAPMO R&T is extremely important for the sales of products in the North American market! IAPMO has a solid international status because the UPC code (United States Uniform Plumbing, HVAC, and Sanitary Code) is promoted and used in many countries around the world.
With the continuous improvement of the UPC code and the deepening of the international industry’s understanding and awareness of the UPC code, the UPC code issued by IAPMO will certainly be more widely recognized and applied internationally.

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