1、The water inlet pipe is not tightened
2、The rubber ring in the installation position is missing
3、Water pipe break
4、There’s a gap between the cartridges
5、Welding problem
6、The sprinkler head or water outlet is faulty

As there are many cases of water leakage, please make pictures or video records and send them to us, we will follow up your problems and provide solutions.

Pull out the water hose. There is a filter between the hose and the nozzle. Remove and clean the filter and reinstall it.

1、The main products are Chrome, Satin, Mett Black, Gun Grey, Brushed Gold and Rose Gold.
2、If you have other requirements for finishes can be negotiated, we will try to meet your needs.

1、HAURVATAT have Installation instruction manual or installation video for each stainless steel faucet product.
2、For further technical support, please contact us.

1、Our production cycle is 30 days, after the product is produced, we will arrange QC to check again whether there is any quality problem, and then arrange shipping and transport to the port you specified.
2、If you need a sample and we have stock, we will send it by international express on the same day. It only takes a few days for you to get your product.

We provide 5 years quality guarantee, if there are any irreparable problems with the product in the meantime, you will get a new product.

We continue to pursue high quality products and apply for more certifications, currently we have the following certifications:WaterMark、cUPC、WRAS、ACS、CE、ISO、SINTEF etc.

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